Certified Translation for Official Documents

English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German

Certified translations are elaborated as official translations for certificates, diplomas, deeds, transcripts and other documents.

Being a sworn translator in Berlin, I perform German-English and German-Spanish certified translations for example for:

  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct, certificate of residence
  • Academic diplomas and transcripts
  • Medical degrees and diplomas

Through the certification and stamp. certified translations are suitable for authorities such as the civil registry, universities, LAGESO, courts, notaries, etc.

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What are the advantages of the certified translation?

  • The certified translation is official and suitable for public authorities.
  • The translation includes the certification, stamp and signature.
  • The certification officially confirms the correctness of the translation.
  • The translator is a sworn translator (public/ certified translator).
  • The certified translation is valid in Germany and (generally) abroad.

Documents: Certificates, deeds, diplomas, etc.

Documents that are translated for official purposes generally require a certified translation.

Accordingly, I issue the document translation in my capacity as a sworn translator adding my certification and stamp. Thus the translation is considered an official document which is recognized by authorities, universities, employers, etc.

Certified translations usually apply to documents in the areas of marital status, education, law, business, medicine and international adoption.

Languages: German-English and German-Spanish

I’m offering the certified translation of documents for the language pairs German ⇒ English / English ⇒ German and German ⇒ Spanish / Spanish ⇒ German.

My authorization as a sworn translator for German, English and Spanish was granted to me by the Berlin Regional Court.

Certified translation in just 3 steps

You can order the certified translation of your document online or by email. The procedure is fast, easy and reliable.

  1. Send your request online or per email.
  2. Your document will be translated and certified by the date fixed.
  3. Receive the certified translation in person, by post or by email

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