Express Translation for
English, German and Spanish

Express translations are performed for certified translations into German, English and Spanish as well as for non-certified text translations.

My express service guarantees a delivery of the certified translation or text translation within 24 or 48 hours.

In very urgent cases, express translations can also be elaborated within just a few hours on the very same day.

Express service for certified translations

Certified document translations can be delivered as express translations for official papers such as certificates, deeds, records, transcripts, etc.

  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 or 48 hours
  • Elaboration by a sworn translator / public translator
  • Certification of the translation including stamp and signature
  • Languages: English ⇔ German und Spanish ⇔ German

ONLINE Request Certified translation

Fast delivery

Certified translations generally require the presentation of the original document. Hence there are several ways for a fast delivery:

  • Personal handover of the certified translation
  • Using a courier service or express letter of Deutsche Post
  • Preliminary sending of a scan per email and subsequent sending per post or courier*
  • Emailing the electronic version*

* In some cases the certified translation may refer to a digital copy.

Express service for text translations

Text translations can also be performed as expess translations. In this case, both processing and delivery can be handled fast and easily per email.