Specialized Translation

English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German

Being a qualified translator with an experience of many years, I’ll provide you with professionally done high-quality translations for all types of texts – from articles and abstracts to web sites.

My services are based on both linguistic and intercultural sensitivity. Besides, I attach great importance not only to precision and a constistent terminology, but also to the quality of writing. You’ll receive legible and polished texts: tailor-made for your target groups.

Social sciences, culture and politics

  • Translation of scientific and journalistic articles, analyses and other text types. The main focus lies on the terminological precision and stylistic quality of the translation.

Career-related documents and job applications

  • Translation of career-related documents: I perform reliable and localized translations for CVs, cover letters, reference letters, diplomas, transcripts, training certificates, etc.

Medical and health translation

  • Translation of texts, certificates, degrees and qualifications in the fields of medicine, health, psychology and natural and alternative medicine.
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Express translation

  • Express translations are offered for certified document translations and small volume texts. The delivery time is of 24 or 48 hours.
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Legal translation

  • Reliable and confidential translation of legal documents and writings such as power of attorney, contracts, court decisions, last wills, etc.
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Marketing, public relations and business

  • Translation and localization of web pages, marketing and publicity texts, presentations, etc. The translation focuses on the optimization for the language and culture of the target country.

Certified translation

  • As a sworn translator, I’m offering the certified translation of documents. Certified translations can be used officially at civil registries, universities, LAGESO and other authorities.
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