Translation of marketing texts
and business documents

Newspaper on business and economics

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In the areas of business and marketing, the quality of a translation can be decisive for the success of a project. However, with a professionally done translation you will be on the safe side.

Being a specialized translator for German, English and Spanish, I’ll provide you with localized translations that will adapt the presentation of your business or product(s) optimally to the target language and culture.

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Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

In the field of marketing, I’m offering localized or adapted translations. I will develop creative solutions which are tailer-made for English, Spanish or German:

  • Business website, web page(s) and blog
  • Brochure, booklet, flyer, product description
  • Advertisement and advertising copies and scripts
  • Newsletter, presentation, press release, press handout and publicity

Commercial Documents

My offer also comprises the translation of commercial documents of various types:

  • Entry in the Commercial Register, business registration, tax registration, tax statement, business deregistration
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC), labour (employment) agreement
  • Business report, financial statement, expert assessment, market survey, estimate of costs
  • Correspondence


English ⇒ German ⇒ English and
Spanish ⇒ German ⇒ Spanish

Certified Translation

If required, I may also translate your business documents as certified translations. Being a certified translator, I will then confirm the accuracy of the translation with respect to the original document.