With my translation bureau in Berlin, I’m offering the reliable certified translation as well as professionally done specialized translations. Being a qualified and sworn translator, I’m specializing in English-German and Spanish-German translations.

From certified document translations to qualified text & website translations: As a professional and experienced translator, I’ll provide you with precise and high-quality translations that will move you forward.

Certified Translation for your documents.

Certified translations are performed in my capacity as a sworn and official translator in Berlin. The sworn translations are issued with the proper certification and stamp and can thus be used for official purposes. Document translations are offered for English ⇔ GermanEnglish ⇔ Spanish and Spanish ⇔ German.

Precise text and website translation.

For ambitious text and website translations, I’ll provide you with qualified and precise solutions. As an experienced English-German and Spanish-German translator, I’ll ensure the precision with regard to content as well as the text quality and originality that you require to be convincing.

Certified Translation

As a sworn translator, I perform the certified translation / sworn translation of documents. The certification, stamp and signature of an official translator allow you to use the translation for official purposes and authorities. This refers to certificates, deeds, civil, academic, medical, legal documents, etc.

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Text & Website Translation

For text and website translations, I’m spezializing in the areas of social sciences, culture, politics and marketing. I pay special attention to high-quality writing in order to provide you with legible and convincing texts which are tailor-made for your target audience.

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Express Translation

The express service is valid for certified translations and small volume text translations. I can offer a delivery time of 24 or 48 hours, in very urgent cases even on the same day. Sworn translations can also be provided with a preliminary electronic version if needed.

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Translation into German

German is one of the ten major languages in the world. Excellent German will pave your way to the various potentials of countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and some 100 millionen German speakers across the globe.

Translation into Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language and a pivotal stepping stone to Spain and Latin America. It comprises 20 countries on three continents including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Globally, Spanish enables you to communicate with more than 500 million speakers.

Translation into English

Being a universal language, English opens the door to crucial markets such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Alltogether, English allows you to reach about 1.5 billion English speakers around the world. Besides, English has become the global lingua franca in diplomacy, economy, science and culture.

Your Advantages

  • Authorized as a sworn translator (Berlin Regional Court)
  • Certification recognized in Germany and (generally) abroad
  • Easy handling & On-time delivery
  • Individual order processing
  • Personal and direct contact
  • Express translation in 24 / 48 hours
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Rate Examples

Prices without VAT.

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