Legal Translation

I’m offering specialized translation services in the field of law for the language pairs of English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German.

You will be provided with professionally done translations performed with utmost care and precision and a qualified handling of legal terminology.

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Legal Translation – Services

Civil law • Family law • Inheritance law

My offer includes the translation of legal documents, deeds, contracts, etc. in the following areas:

  • International adoption documents
  • General Terms & Conditions (T&C)
  • Employment contract
  • Marriage contract
  • Declaration in lieu of oath
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Court file
  • Court decision
  • Articles of association
  • Contract of purchase
  • Charges
  • Legal correspondence
  • Lease contract
  • Legal text
  • Divorce decree
  • Decision on child custody
  • Last will (testament)
  • Contract
  • Power of attorney
  • Wittness statement
  • other legal documents

Languages: English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German

Certificied Translation

Legal documents normally require an official translation with a certification that confirms the correctness of the translation. In my capacity as a sworn translator, I may perform legal translations as certified translations. My offer also includes the certified translation of civil, medical, academic and business documents.