Translation in Medicine and Health

I’m offering medical translations for German, English and Spanish. You’lI be provided with reliable and precise translations based on the versed usage of medical terminology.

For the recognition of medical qualifications and the application for the authorization to practice, I perform the certified translation of diplomas, certificates, references, curriculum vitae, etc.

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Qualifications recognition, temporary authorization to practice and state licence

  • Certified translation of documents required to apply for the recognition of medical qualifications, temporary authorization and licence to practise 
  • Including translations for official authorities in Germany such as LAGESO, Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (Office for Health and Social Affairs), in Berlin
  • Certified translations of diplomas, academic records, study plans, job references, criminal record certificate, certificate of good standing, curriculum vitae, etc.
  • Languages: English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German

The certified translations are performed by a sworn translator (official translator).

Translation of medical certificates, assessments and reports

  • Certified translation of medical documents: diagnostic findings, medical report, psychological report, case file, accident report, doctor’s certificate, prescription, health certificate, questionnaire, examination certificate, vision test
  • Certified translation of veterinary documents such as pets health certificate or EU veterinary health certificate
  • Languages: English ⇔ German and Spanish ⇔ German

If required, the translations can be delivered as certified translations elaborated by a sworn translator.

Medical specialities and areas

General medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, naturopathy, holistic medicine, pediatrics, food intolerance, allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and others.