How does a translator work in real life? On the occasion of the International Translation Day 2017, translators will once again organize a variety of events …

… to demonstrate their work and the role they play in international communication. This year, they’ll also use unconventional paths.

Translator Freeze Mob in Mannheim

For the 30th September, a group of translators are planning to perform a Freeze Mob in Mannheim. At this social event (also known as Mannequin Challenge), the translators will remain frozen and immobile like statues: In poses that will make the – mostly invisible – work life of translators and interpreters visible and tangible.

Furthermore, translators in other cities and countries are invited to organizse similar events. The videos shot at the event will be shared online under #iconnectworlds („I connect worlds.“) and #wüt (“Welt-Übersetzertag” – International Translation Day).

Transparent Literary Translation in Berlin

In Berlin, events like »Transparent Translation« (in German: “Gläsernes Übersetzen”) organized by the association weltlesebühne have a long tradition. This year’s International Translation Day provides exceptional insights into the work of literary translators:

  • „Ameisenfleiß und Grillengesang“ (in English: Ants Hard Work and Crickets Singing) is a participatory workshop on the translation of short poems by the Italian writer Gianni Rodari.
    Berlin: 28th September 2017, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., Italienisches Kulturinstitut (Italian Cultural Institute), Hildebrandstr. 2, 10785 Berlin
  • During „Wohin mit dem Ich?“ (in English: ¿Where to put the ego?, a French to German quasi LIVE translation will be presented by literary translation experts.
    Berlin: 30th September 2017, 8:00 – 9:30 p.m., bookshop Ocelot, Brunnenstr. 181, 10119 Berlin

By the way: On 24th May 2017, the UN officially declared the 30th September as International Translation Day. The UN decision, will doubtlessly contribute to the global significance of this annual celebration initiated by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) in 1991.