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Photo by: Tim Gouw on Unsplash

English for your job or studies, semesters abroad, languages and much else … The 2016 Expolingua in Berlin will once again offer a specialized programme …

… with regard to (foreign) languages and international mobility. During the Expolingua 2016 Berlin on the 18th and 19th November, visitors may expect more than 150 exhibitors from 30 countries providing first hand information.

The language fair will include a comprehensive programm with trial lessons, cultural performances, culinary delights and the EXPOlounge. The exhibition will be particularly highlighted by expert presentations on language related topics such as job applications in English, semesters abroad, internships abroad, exchange programmes, language tests, etc.

Expert presentations at the Expolingua

English for the job, university & more

  • Tips for job interviews held in English
  • Comparing English & German CVs
  • Semesters abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Asia
  • Tests and proofs of English language proficiency
  • University of Potsdam English theatre groupe

Language of science, mobility, translators & multilinguism

  • German as a language of science
  • Mobility as a cornerstone of the professional career
  • Job profile of a translator
  • Job profile of an interpreter
  • Multilinguism in child education

Where and when?

29th Expolingua: 18th and 19th November 2016 in Berlin
Russian House of Science and Culture (Russisches Haus der Wissenschaften und Kultur)