Certified Translation of documents

Certified Translation for English • Spanish • German | Sworn Translator in Berlin 

Hand with ball pen signing a documentBeing a sworn translator for English, Spanish and German, I offer the certified translation of documents to be presented at public authorities, universities, employers, courts, notaries, etc.

The official translation / legal translation includes the certification, stamp and signature of the sworn translator verifying the official character of the translation and can be used in Germany and (generally) abroad.

Certified translations for English, German and Spanish

As a sworn translator for English, German and Spanish, I’ll perform certified translations for the following language pairs:

  • English ⇒ German • German ⇒ English
  • Spanish ⇒ German • German ⇒ Spanish
  • English ⇒ Spanish • Spanish ⇒ English

Documents for the certified translation

Below you will find a selection of documents which typically require a legal translation by a sworn translator.

Educational Certificates

Diploma, academic certificate, qualification certificate, employment reference, testimonial, etc.

Civil Documents

Birth certificate, marriage certificate and death record, etc.

Legal Documents

Notarial deed, contract, last will and court decision, etc.

Identity Documents

Identity card, migration documents, passport, residence permit, driving licence, etc.

Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Medical report, psychological appraisal, veterinary certificates, etc.

International Adoption

Adoption certificate, psychosocial evaluation, parental aptitude certificate, child development assessment, etc.

Economy and business

Entry in the Commercial Register, business registration, tax registration, tax statement, business deregistration, etc.

Further documents

Certificate of residency, lawyers’ letter, notarized letter, power of attorney, certificate of conduct, apostilles, insurance policy, etc.

Validity of the certified translation

My authorization as an official and sworn translator was carried through by the President of the Berlin Regional Court and is valid for English, German and Spanish.

  • In Germany: The certified translation is generally valid all over Germany and recognized by German authorities, courts, notaries, universities, etc.
  • Abroad: Generally, the certified translation can also be presented abroad. In some cases, you may need additional legalizations such as the Hague Apostille and/or a legalization by the Embassy of the target country.

Questions related to the “certified translation”

You’ll find helpful information on my FAQ: Certified Translation page where I answer frequent questions I got from my clients. For general information you may also visit Wikipedia:

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